How much does it cost to feed a child for a month? 

It costs approximately $60/month to support one child. This would feed a child for the 4 weekends of a month. For the typical month, this would provide 2 breakfasts, 2 lunch, three dinners, veggie and snacks for each weekend.

What if I want to donate to a specific school?

The full build out of the web product (not yet completed) will allow you to select the school to which you want to donate, to make it easy for communities to raise funds for their students. reFUEL will also assist them by working for large corporate donations to support areas that don't have the affluence of a Chatham County or surrounding areas. 

Why is reFUEL necessary?

Unfortunately, there are way too many hungry kids in our county. Chatham County Schools has over 3 schools that host more than 90% of their students on the free and reduced lunch program, with an average of 50% across our county.

How can I get my school added to this program? 

Until we actually "build" our online product where menus can be selected and easily added to cart, we have to do all of the ordering by hand, therefore we can only handle two schools at this time.

How will this program help families who are transient? 

We are absolutely taking the concern of transient populations into account, which is one of the major reasons of running the pilot program. Aside from delivery to student homes, parents workplaces, student churches, etc, a student will have the option to have their package delivered to school, and we will work with school counselors to make this work. 

Is Mustang Meals still in operation? 

Not currently. reFUEL is a pilot project that is hoped to replace Mustang Meals and in the process, reduce the amount of volunteers, time, space and resources needed while also eliminating the need for students to carry an extra backpack and the embarrassment that often accompanies it.