Do You Want To Show A Teacher/Staff Some Love But Aren't Sure How?

Well, we have we TWO great options for you!

-- Donate $$ below to your favorite teachers & staff (or all teachers and staff!) and the PTA will combine all the funds raised into Amazon gift cards for each teacher. Just add funds to the Gift Card "store" and check out using your credit card, and the PTA will handle the rest! *Last day to donate is WEDNESDAY, December 18th!*

-- If you'd rather give something more tangible or personal (or want to do this in addition to the joint gift card!), check out the below spreadsheet of Faculty Favorites. We have invited all teachers and staff to let us in on their favorites snacks, treats, etc. Don't see your favorite staff member? Email them (find emails here) and ask them to complete it (Link here; they can access it from the PTA website on the Faculty page). Note: This list is available year-round so make sure to check back for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week as well!

Click Here For Faculty Favorites!