About Sponsors

To become or create a Sponsor click the link.

While most people will manage only one Sponsor, the system allows any member to manage more than one Sponsor if they wish to.

The four buttons under My Sponsorships show where any Sponsor you have created is in the approval/archive process:

  • APPROVED - Sponsor(s) that have been approved by a webmaster
    AND whose donations have been received.
  • PENDING - Sponsor(s) that are waiting to be approved
  • ARCHIVE - Sponsor(s) whose donation time has passed
  • TRASH - Sponsor records you have deleted

My Sponsorships

Welcome to your My Sponsorships page. From here you can create your 12-month Sponsor listing by clicking the Create New Sponsorship link above. After creating your Sponsor listing, it will appear here as Pending Approval until it is reviewed and approved by our Admaster. Once approved, you will be notified and the listing will be live.

Come back to this page anytime by logging into our site and clicking My Account to access the My Sponsorships page. You can update or renew your listing at any time. Changes will place your listing in Pending status until reviewed and approved by our Admaster.

Thank you for supporting our organization!